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JLMS Enterprise Product Summary


Leading enterprises use the leading learning system


Leading enterprises are required to seek every advantage to stay on top, and to provide their human resources with the best advancements available to achieve their goals. To enable this they need the ability to maintain and develop the skills necessary across the organisation, whilst catering for all the distinctive differences between roles and responsibilities. A Learning Management System must be flexible to cater for all these differences and also have the power to deliver the learning in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

JLMS Enterprise provides this capability

The JZero LMS is the ultimate in market driven development. It contains the training system requirements of numerous fortune 500 companies built in as standard. It's features and flexibility are unmatched in the market place. Its depth of functionality is only matched by its ease of use.

Complete Flexibility

In today's diverse world every enterprise is different, with their own unique culture and competitive advantages. Your learning solution must adapt to how your enterprise works, not force you to adapt to it. JLMS has been built from the very beginning with a policy of flexibility, of adapting the system to suit each individual enterprise. The Adaptive Learning Architecture allows you to tailor the system to your individual needs, to suit your processes, to suit your enterprises unique advantages.

Adaptive Learning Architecture ™

JLMS's popularity with international corporations has been due to it's unique architecture that allows rapid and easy modification to work with the differences in today's modern enterprises. JLMS incorporates experience with hundreds of thousands of users in different cultures and with different learning processes and priorities. This has resulted in a system architecture with the flexibility and power to adapt to your needs, to adapt to your processes. This real customization ability becomes an asset for your enterprise, allowing rapid return on investment.

Enterprise Aware

JLMS is enterprise aware. It contains advanced technologies for scalability and reliability. For the Technical Manager, it is designed to work on server farms and with distributed content servers. For the Team Managers, it is designed to provide them with the tools to ensure staff are meeting their minimum learning requirements. For the Legal and Internal Audit Departments, it contains the reports that confirm compliance with statutory course requirements. For the HR Department, it has the ability to handle varying users with different needs. For the Learning Director, it contains the ability to gain accurate intelligence on the whole organization's learning habits. From top to bottom, JLMS is designed to work with your enterprise, the way you work.

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