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January, 2015; A Human Touch (Fahad Al-Othman)

Fahad Al-Othman, Founder of HumanSoft, is cultivating success from the green pastures of a university campus.
Fahad Al-Othman looks out of his floor-to-ceiling office window with pride. Below him is the campus shared by Kuwait’s American University of the Middle East (AUM) and the American College of the Middle East (ACM). Against a hue of green, students mill around palm trees and picnic tables, and chat as they saunter past a football pitch and basketball court. It is a place, he hopes, where young people don’t just feel compelled to learn, but where they enjoy it, too. “We wanted to create a place that feels like a resort,” says the Founder of HumanSoft, the company through which he established the institutions. And in that, Al-Othman reveals the vision of a lifetime: to boost the potential of a region dear to his heart.
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