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Dexway is power With dexway students will feel the power of learning effortlessly

Only when the most advanced technology and the most powerful language learning powermethod are united is it possible for a student to learn a language naturally. Immersion in a sea of new words, absorption of structures and remembering content effortlessly.

The dexway courses have been developed for people that want to learn easily and while having fun, almost without realising thanks to the dexway experience. Only the dexway platform and the experience services allow a natural style of   learning and give the maximum possible guarantee of success and commitment.

  • Intuitive and automated platform.
  • Initial placement test and final certificate.
  • Course help in mother tongue.(beginner courses)
  • Grammar help in each unit and course manual
  • Dual pronunciation evaluation:through software and personally by the tutors
  • Structured content to learn naturally
  • Courses split into levels and focusedon obtaining international certificates
  • Open exercises testing oral and written skills
  • Practical evaluation of skills


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