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Books24x7® On Demand Platform


While Books24x7® collections include the best titles that leading industry publishers, senior executives, business thought leaders and analysts have to offer, authoritative content is not enough — your work force needs to be able to find exactly the right information they need, when they need it. The Books24x7 On Demand Platform makes this information instantly available to your work force — allowing them to put this knowledge to work for your organization.

Books24x7 can be embedded into the work life of organizations, enhancing productivity and professional development while minimizing downtime and maximizing performance. The Books24x7 on Demand Platforms provides a variety of corporate managed customization, personalization and implementation options for easy accessibility in a wide range of business environments.

Mobile accessible content

Optimized for viewing on Internet-enabled cell phones and other mobile devices, Books24x7 On The Go™ enables users to access the Books24x7 Web site while on the move. With this mobile-accessible site, users have access to the full content and functionality of the Books24x7 On Demand Platform, including powerful search and browse capabilities, complete site and content navigation, and personal and corporate folders. Users can bookmark, add notes and add titles to their existing personal folders, enabling them to organize particularly useful and relevant content.

Portable content lets users take the reading with them

Books24x7 gives users the ability to access content while away from their computers. By being able to take the reading with them, users can take greater advantage of offline times such as their daily commute, business travel, or other “offline” moments.

Chapters to Go™, a premium content feature, enables users to download chapter PDF files, including personal bookmarks and notes, for offline reading. Chapters to Go is an ideal option for users who repeatedly return to a specific chapter for information. Chapters to Go is an optional premium feature offered on a collection-by-collection basis or across your entire collection portfolio. Select collections also offer downloads as part of the subscription cost. These downloads options include flash files for video, MP3 for audio, Kindle-ready mobi and PDF for print.

Integrating into the daily work flow

Today’s work force is no longer confined to corporate offices — it is distributed globally, working virtually and constantly on the move. To accommodate this new workplace, Books24x7 offers multiple options to ensure that access to our On Demand Platform is there when it’s needed.

Proven user-friendly interface

The Books24x7 On Demand Platform employs a clear and easy-to-navigate user interface. The home page offers customization options and includes everything needed to find and organize content. While our powerful search engine delivers precise results, our expertly-designed topic and title classification scheme also offers easy access to subject content. In just a few clicks, pertinent information is delivered to meet user needs.

inGenius — Unlocking your organization’s inner genius

inGenius is an optional Books24x7 feature set that enables learners to create and share notes, comments and ratings for any Books24x7 titles. inGenius also allows the discovery of people that share similar interests or have the expertise needed to solve business problems.

“Instead of searching for hours through Google results, I found most of the information I need in a couple of minutes without worrying about the credibility of the source…”

BOOKS24X7 USER Senior Manager, Business StrategyRelevant Content Online, On-Demand

“I can quickly get my feet wet with new technologies. I can also search across a huge number of books for a specific phrase or piece of code.”

BOOKS24X7 USER Senior Manager, SAS User

User Features

Quick retrieval of relevant content

Our search engine searches the entire repository of content to retrieve not only the most pertinent titles, but also links to the most relevant sections. Sophisticated search algorithms understand the structure of the content, ensuring the relevancy of search results. Together with advanced search features, users are guided to titles that are most connected to their search, eliminating time spent sorting through false hits.

Personal folders organize titles of interest

Personal folders allow users to organize titles of interest by topic, project or other preference for quick retrieval.

Bookmarks and notes for fast access

Users can add bookmarks to track their location or to return to sections that they consult repeatedly. Notes allow users to add comments for personal reference.

Recommendations create user community

This dynamic feature allows users to make more informed decisions about the most valued titles by leveraging the recommendations of peers and the overall Books24x7 community.

Citations ensure accuracy

A citations link provided for every title allows users to obtain an accurate reference when citing content from Books24x7.

Transferable equations and tables

Unique features enable users to easily transfer complex data found in Books24x7 titles to desktop applications for data analysis. This saves users time and avoids mistakes as a result of spelling and data entry errors. LiveEquations® utilizes MathML, a standard mathematical expression markup language that describes equations. This allows users to transfer equations, commonly found in technical books, into any of several compliant software packages, including Mathematica® and Microsoft® Word 2007, for data manipulation. With LiveTables™ users can download any table into the most commonly used spreadsheet applications for personal manipulation and use. Data can be sorted, formatted, charted or otherwise managed by the features in their spreadsheet program.

New Title Notices keep users informed of new content

Since new content is added weekly, email notices or RSS feeds can help users stay up to date on the latest additions. These announcements can be tailored to include only content that is of specific interest

Flexible Customization Features

Create topic trees that correspond with corporate initiatives, business units, new projects or any other corporate need. Select and assign content to topics for accelerating skills development, furthering initiatives or driving projects.

Highlight titles for suggested or required reading that support corporate culture, governance, values or mission.

Highlight specific chapters or sections of interest and add notes to further elaborate, clarify or explain.

Enable employees to purchase a printed copy from an online store. Customize the link to ensure corporate supported purchases are directed to the Web site of your choice and to your corporate account.

Understand your employees’ information needs by analyzing usage data that includes frequently accessed topics and titles as well as top search keywords. Armed with this information, you can adjust content in your corporate topics and folders to keep pace with changing information needs. Schedule reports to run weekly or monthly, or generate reports at any time for a specified period.

Provide access to Books24x7 for all employees. The Books24x7 Web site meets accessibility guidelines established by the 1998 Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Implementation options support your enterprise regardless of their workspace



Multiple implementation options let you define access points for your users. Choose simple, direct Web access or integration with LMS platforms or portal Web sites. Books24x7’s Web services technologies allow you to display search capabilities, topics, personal and corporate folders and book lists in your corporate portal interface, retaining the look and feel of your Web site. Using this tight integration method, your users can gain quick access to essential content from the Web sites that they frequent daily.

A variety of registration options lets you define collection entitlement for your employee population. Whether you choose seamless registration from a corporate portal or learning platform, batch registration, administrator registration or self-registration, you control the assignment of collections to users.

A Books24x7 team of in-house experts can guide you to the implementation choice that is best for your organization and help you ensure a smooth and easy integration.

Guaranteed optimized access for worldwide users


Our global network of servers ensures that employees worldwide experience the same level of optimized access regardless of location.



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