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Business Impact Series (BIS)

Realistic and highly engaging learning

Today’s learners expect e-learning to be as engaging and visually rich as many of the web-based environments they encounter on a daily basis. SkillSoft’s latest content innovation, the Business Impact Series was designed with those expectations in mind.
Learners often need the ability to immerse themselves in a scenario or a subject to gain the full value of the learning experience. However immersion is not always possible with traditional learning assets. SkillSoft has introduced the Business Impact Series to provide learners with scenario-based learning that enables them to experience real world situations in safe, exploratory environments.

Visually rich and engaging,

Business Impacts analyze frequently encountered business problems and deliver practical solutions. Taking just five 5 to 10 minutes to complete, each Business Impact focuses on a key scenario, uses innovative video and animation techniques to dramatize its core elements, and recommends a specific course of action. The use of rich media and audio-driven presentation strategies has multigenerational appeal and increases overall learner engagement with the content. Business Impacts bring to life problems and solutions for a wide range of business and professional topics.

Key Features Bandwidth friendly

Business Impacts present users with engaging, real life business scenarios with embedded video conversations at strategic points in the content. Naturally, use of such technology requires more network bandwidth than simply sending an optimized single image. To help meet varying requirements of clients and users alike, SkillSoft allows the user to select from three different bandwidth options and choose the deployment that best fits his or her organization’s needs. Users can chose either full sized video clips, small sized video clips or a sequence of stills taken from the video.

Apply new concepts on the job 

Each Business Impact Series includes a one page printable impact summary outlining key takeaways that can impact learning in the workplace. Business Impacts are available in a wide range of business and professional topics such as Leadership, Management, Call Center, Human Resources, and Six Sigma to name a few. Business Impacts are a practical solution that immerse learners in a business situation and get them back to the job with tools to apply the concepts in their Rich scenario-based learning place of work.

Elearning - Business Impact Series

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