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A Skillsoft KnowledgeCenter is a user-friendly learning portal that provides learners instant access to trusted, targeted content. Each KnowledgeCenter includes material specifically chosen to help learners build knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assets include:

  • ►Books24x7
  • ►Access to Skillsoft courseware organized into Learning Roadmaps that make it easy for learners to locate and use the most appropriate courses for their needs
  • ►Simulations (through SkillSims, practice labs or the Project center)
  • ►Business Impact Series and the Challenge Series, designed to engage the learner with a rich, authentic learning experience
  • ►Expert mentoring services (for IT KnowledgeCenters, the PMI KnowledgeCenter and HR KnowledgeCenter)
  • ►Featured topic spotlights, refreshed regularly, to provide an in-depth focus on particular topical areas

KnowledgeCenters are available today for Skillport customers and for third party LMS customers with OLSA. Nineteen KnowledgeCenters (US English) are available today for Skillport customers and for third party LMS customers with OLSA. 

KnowledgeCenters for Business Skills Professionals include: 

Project Management, Leadership, Management, HR Professional, Sales Professional, MS Office, Call Center, Finance/Accounting, Professional Foundations and Six Sigma. 

KnowledgeCenters for IT Developers and Professionals include: 

Visual Basic, C#, IT Security, MS MCSA/MCSE, MS Office, Office 2007, Oracle, Java Developer, Microsoft Enterprise Solutions and Cisco. 

Three additional KnowledgeCenters (UK English) are also available: 

Project Management (PRINCE2 - Aligned), Leadership and Sales Professionals

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