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Dexway experienceDexway is much more than a conventional online language course. With dexway experience students learn effortlessly because dexway is power, it is human, it is social and it is mobile. Our method makes so many resources available to the students that they learn through experiencing a seemingly endless number of real-life situations and sensations.
What name do you give the learning solution that has it all? dexway is eLearning, but it is also blended learning, social and mobile learning. dexway is each one of these things and also the future of all of them.
With dexway students learn naturally, they feel the advantages of real teachers, they live the social essence of the method and they discover a new kind of freedom. This is why dexway is a totally personal experience!
CAE, Computer Aided e-Learning is an expert company in training supported by technology with more than 30 years of experience in innovating in the highest quality training services and solutions.
Founded in 1981, CAE is one of the leading providers of advanced global solutions for training. Our constant innovation has led to an increase demand for our training products and services, which we offer from our headquarters in the USA, UK, México, Brazil and Spain.
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