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Osha Online Training Courses

The Challenge

You need to achieve environmental health and safety  compliance, improve employee performance and:

  • Make EH&S compliance an operational and competitive asset
  • Offer consistency and quality across geography and through time
  • Satisfy the requirements of OSHA, DOT and EPA
  • Avoid penalties for noncompliance
  • Deliver training through a robust, trackable platform
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Our Approach

Skillsoft's EH&S course collection helps your organization save money and avoid noncompliance penalties while safeguarding the health and safety of your people and community. Over 120 courses cover pressing compliance subjects mandated by OSHA, EPA and DOT. Instructional strategies encourage active learner involvement, with hands-on exercises that reinforce major learning points, practical real-life examples, case studies, graphical or animated representations and appropriate, timely feedback on learner responses.


Environmental Health and Safety is a major concern today and getting the required certifications that help your organization to fully comply with such regulations, will definitely work in your favor. With our health and safety online courses, your company will be well on its way to satisfying all major health compliances including those of EPA and DOT.


Strategically prepared courses, easily understandable online modules with teaching aids will help candidates go through them quickly and help you get the relevant OSHA certifications. Choose suitable candidates from among your safety managers or line control managers to go through this course to fill in the gaps in your company mandates and effectively implement the necessary action plans creating a strong and safe work environment.

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