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HR Certification Programs

The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, it is not enough to simply provide learning resources to support your HR professionals. Time is too valuable and resources are stretched too thin. Your work force is your single biggest investment and it is imperative that your team gets the information it requires in a way that Matches the urgency of the need.

The HR Professionals solution provides resources for:

  • Key recruiting and interviewing skills
  • Implementing HR policies
  • PHR and SPHR certifications
HR Certification Programs Video

Our Approach

SkillSoft’s HR Professional Solution enables hands on learning, providing more than courses and books—it introduces an array of resources designed and chosen to challenge and motivate every learner in your organization.

HR professionals are the first point of contact for new employees. This is the foundation forthe growth of any organization and the reason why you need to equip your human resource management teams with the capabilities and the skill sets necessary to minutely look for, identity and choose candidates who will prove to be beneficial to the Company as a whole.

With our HR certification online courses, taught on the job using interactive learning modules and hands-on exercises, HR managers will be strongly outfitted to choose dynamic employees. It will also provide them the all-round knowledge necessary to keep your organization up-to-date where HR policies and implementation of the same are concerned. With a PHR-SPHR Accreditedcourse you will raise the standards of your HR team and therebyyour employees as well.


  • Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI)
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