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Product Title Type Description
Leadership جيم كوزيس: هناك خمس ممارسات للقيادة النموذجية، Video Launch
Business Skills PMP Demo ( Access will be sent on Request) Courseware Launch
Business Skills Skillsoft Professional Advantage Tour Learning Portal Tour Launch
Business Skills Skillsoft Leadership Advantage Tour Learning Portal Tour Launch
Desktop Performance Video Microsoft Visio: Simplifying Organization Chart Creation Video Launch
IT Performance Video Apple iPhone iOS 7: Personal Hotspot Video Launch
IT Performance Video AngularJS: Using the $anchorScroll Service Video Launch
IT Performance Video Python: Retrieving Form Data Video Launch
Leadership Shawn Achor: Creating Positive Team Environments Video Launch
Leadership Dan Pink: Whose Purpose is it Anyway? Video Launch
Leadership Renee Mauborgne: Tips on Developing a Blue Ocean Strategy Video Launch
Leadership General Stan McChrystal: What Every Leader Must Possess - Empathy and Perspective Video Launch
Leadership Lynda Gratton: Raising Performance and Collaboration in Virtual Teams Video Launch
Learning Management Systems Skillport Tour Video Tour Launch

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