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Global Finance

The Challenge

Meeting regulatory, risk management and service requirements is an ongoing challenge for global banking and financial services organizations. Skillsoft’s Global Banking and Financial Services Collection provides professionals with targeted training to help them meet those challenges.

Meeting challenges head-on:

  • Global expansion of financial markets
  • Use of complicated derivative contracts
  • variety of risks faced by banking and non-banking financial institutions
  • Derivative market players

With evolving regulations and a host of external challenges in  global competition and changing customer needs, these companies have been  introducing new products, streamlining their processes and adapting best global  practices to remain profitable and competitive.

Our Approach

Skillsoft Courses in this series deal with several critical aspects of  bank branch operations, specifically key products offered by banks and other  companies such as loans and mortgages, insurance products, mutual funds, and  portfolio management. These courses also provide an overall understanding of  main risks these institutions face and how to manage them.

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