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Distinguished Impacts on the Development of Mena Holding Employees, By Its CEO

CEO of Mena Holding Co. MR. Mohammed Abdul Salam shares the experience with Track LS solutions, He stated we have always considered giving our employees a fair chance in order to develop themselves by encouraging them taking a specialized courses in their area of expertise, and unintentionally neglecting personal skills development.

With Track Learning Solutions e-learning programs and services, we have achieved and covered the major and essential Knowledge areas. Now each employee has the chance to access hundreds of personal skills courses that covers some of the following skills (negotiations, motivation, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics etc.).

Since implementing the e learning in IHPG, our main challenge is to manage our employees' behavior to accept and adapt the concept of E-learning, we tried to avoid them feeling loaded with extra work on their shoulders, which was the perception of our employees in the beginning.Surprisingly, giving the first certificate of completion to the first employee was a key for others to get motivated and to develop themselves.

Recently, we have achieved above 50% of utilization, and the rate is increasing, I cannot say that all our employees are fully convinced with the e-learning idea, but we highly believe that it would take time to change the cultural behavior of them.

We noticed that the number of users of Skillsoft is increasing and being engaged with it. Track Learning Solution, provided us with different tools in order to achieve our goal and to effectively manage the learning process with the highest Return of investment, which we stared to touch unexpectedly in a short period.

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