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Skillsoft English Essentials

EnglishEssentials™, from Books24x7®, is a targeted and concise collection of full-text books intended for the multi-lingual business professional that wants to improve their written and/or conversational English skills. This is not a collection for someone who is learning the English language for the first time. Rather, it is intended for a professional that speaks English as a second language who wants to improve their fluency.

Key Features:

  • EnglishEssentials has all of the powerful capabilities available on the Books24x7 platform – searching, book shelves, corporate topic trees, new book notifications, etc.
  • Several of the titles are instructional in design so they include worksheets and skill-building exercises.
  • In addition, there is a selection of accompanying audio content that will allow a learner to practice their conversational skills.
Skillsoft English Essentials Video

Our Approach

The instructional format of many of the titles and the accompanying audio provides several learning modalities for improving English skills

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